St Herberts

Parish History

Our parish was founded on 1st June 1916 by a division of Corpus Christie Parish.  It includes most of the northern half of Chadderton and part of the adjacent Westwood area of Oldham.
The first mass was celebrated on 1st July 1916 in the North Chadderton Conservative Club, Victoria Street with the first presbytery being at 439 Middleton Road, a house still standing opposite the Town Hall.
In October 1917 a temporary 'tin church' was erected on Park Street, then an insignificant side street off Middleton Road which was incorporated in 1925 into the newly constructed Broadway.  This building was to serve as the parish church for the next forty years.
The present presbytery was opened in 1921 and is now the oldest part of the parish property.
The foundation stone of the present church was laid by the Bishop of Salford, George Andrew Beck, on 7th July 1956 and the first Mass was celebrated on Palm Sunday 1957.  The solemn blessing and opening of the church by the Bishop took place on 26th May of the same year.
St. Herberts was solemnly consecrated on 22nd May 1961 and since that date the establishment and re-ordering of the church has taken place on several occasions resulting in the beautiful parish church in which we now worship.
In September 1964 our primary school was opened to serve a rapidly growing population.  In early 1981 the former church, which had also served as the parish hall for 24 years, finally passed into history when it was demolished.  It was replaced by the present Parish Centre which was officially opened by the Auxillary Bishop of Salford, Geoffrey Burke, on 18th December 1981.
We hope that you will find our parish a friendly and caring one and that you will feel inspired to share in furthering it's spiritual vision.
Since it's foundation, St. Herbert's Parish has been served by the following priests:
Parish Priests                                                                      Curates
1916- Fr  James Lawless               
1924- Fr  George Tighe                                                  1959 Fr Joseph Chang
(From 1967 an honary Canon                                                         1959 Fr Joseph Duggan
of Salford Cathedral Chapter)                                                        1968 Fr  Gerald Haugh 
1975- Fr  David O'Kane                                                  1970 Fr  John Scanlan
1988 -Fr Humphrey McMahon                                               (Until 1975)
1994- Fr  Mark Kawksworth                                            1993 Fr  David Featherstone
1996 -Fr  Peter McKie R.D                                                    (Until 1995)